Ginseng is not a ginseng supplement

Ginseng is not a “ginseng” supplement

Guide: Everyone knows that ginseng has unusual medicinal value and is a good product in nourishing medicine, but some drugs or foods have the same effect, so they are known as ginseng, and they also have high medicinal value.
Let ‘s take a look at the supplements that have the same effect as Ginseng Ginseng but not “Ginseng”?
“Southern Ginseng”: Gynostemma pentaphyllum.
Also known as the second ginseng, it is the rhizome or whole grass of the cucurbitaceous plant Gynostemma, also known as aesculus gallbladder, which grows in the damp and humid places in the subtropical mountains. It has a bitter taste and coldness.The effect of strengthening qi and strengthening body is used to treat insomnia, anorexia, cough, as well as chronic branch, hepatitis, liver cancer and other diseases.
Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Gynostemma has a ginseng-like effect, and long-term use can eliminate illnesses, strengthen the body, and prolong life.
“Desert Ginseng”: Cistanche desertica.
It is a parasitic plant that grows in the desert area of the Hexi Corridor in China. It is sweet, salty, and warm in nature. It has the effects of nourishing kidney yang, nourishing essence and blood, and intestinal laxative.Its characteristics are used to treat men’s impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, enuresis, women’s excessive leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility, and intestinal laxative treatment for constipation.
“Animal Ginseng”: Quail.
It is sweet and flat, has the effects of nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, water and dehumidification, and strong bones and bones. It is used to treat oligophagia caused by spleen deficiency, edema, and waist and knee weakness caused by liver and kidney deficiency.Asthenia of fatigue.
“Ginseng in Water”: Loach.
Sweet and flat, with the effects of nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing spleen, nourishing qi, and dampness, used to treat spleen weakness, jaundice, poor urination, and thirst for wounds; loach has unique curative effects on acute and chronic hepatitis.Obviously promote the resolution of jaundice and decrease of transaminase, and improve liver function.
“Little Ginseng”: white radish.
Weixin, Gan, and cool nature, have the effect of lowering the qi, reducing cough and phlegm, clearing heat and promoting fluid, can be used to treat abdominal fullness, cough, phlegm, fever, thirst, thirst, dry mouth, sore throat, etc.