Sleep disorders become the new killer of white-collar health


Sleep disorders become the new killer of white-collar health

Sleep disorders are a common problem throughout the world. Relevant data show that about 10% of people worldwide have chronic insomnia (difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep) and rarely have good sleep.

China is one of the countries with the highest incidence. The results of a sleep survey launched simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou showed that 45% of the more than 10,000 respondents had sleep disorders.

Relevant experts report that insomnia has become the second largest disease in neurology clinics.

Most of the insomniacs are white-collar women who are engaged in mental labor such as IT, management and journalism. These people have been damaged by insomnia for many years due to personal bad habits and excessive stress.

Therefore, sleep disorders have become a new killer of urban white-collar health.

  Sleep disorders include: insomnia-difficulty falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep; too much sleep-too much sleep during the day; abnormal sleep-sleep at the wrong time, sleep-wake-abnormal rhythm, abnormal behavior during sleep.

  The World Health Organization’s definition of insomnia is: difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep disorders or no sense of recovery after sleep; at least 3 times a week for at least 1 month; sleep disorders causing significant discomfort or affecting daily life; no neurological diseases,Systemic diseases, factors such as the use of psychotropic or other drugs, cause insomnia.

  ”I can’t wake up” is also sick and sleepless. I don’t wake up in the morning. Many people think that it is because of stress during the day, too tired, or too late at night.

However, even if I went to bed earlier, I couldn’t get up the next day, my head was drowsy all day, my eyes were always open, and I had no appetite for eating.

  If this happens, don’t be careless, it is better to see a doctor.

Because this is a pathological “lazy”, it has not been consistent with the previous consequences.

The disease mainly starts in youth, and its onset is very slow. It is not easy to be noticed at first. When it is suspected, the disease often has reached a serious stage.

The most common symptoms of this disease are daytime drowsiness, drowsiness regardless of time and place, personality with people, listening to reports and even in love, they suddenly yawn for days.

After waking up for about 20 minutes, everything is normal, but after a few hours, it may suddenly happen again.

  Harm of Sleep Disorders: Lack of long-term sleep, insufficient brain rest, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and loss of appetite.

Long-term insomnia even causes young women to appear premature aging such as grayish yellow and increased wrinkles.

Some insomniacs’ immune system is also damaged to a great extent, eventually leading to serious health problems such as hypertension and ulcers.

  Reduced sleep time and shortened life; insomnia reduces quality of life; increased risk of mental illness and depression; increased accidents and injuries, and greatly increased the incidence of car accidents.

Insomnia reduces work capacity and productivity.

In short, sleep disorders can have many consequences for people’s health and normal life, and they cannot be ignored.

  The fundamental way to get back to sleep without medication: Psychological adjustment method-“despise” sleep: People with insomnia have a common characteristic: sensitive personality, suspiciousness, lack of self-confidence, stubbornness, indecision, perfectionism, love to worry, Easy to worry, etc.

The psychologist’s advice to these people is: Don’t take it too seriously to fall asleep.

Sleep is also a natural reaction of the human body. When you are sleepy, you want to sleep. Do not control it artificially. The more you let yourself stop thinking, the more you think about it. You cannot stop. You should adopt a natural attitude. When you do not control your emotions,When thinking and thinking, maybe you can fall asleep naturally.


Do not drink tea in the afternoon and evening, stop mental activity half an hour before going to bed, do not smoke, you can soak in the tub for 20 minutes, or walk up and down to move limbs, or go up and down the stairs, or use hot water to soak your feet.


After going to bed, if you feel that your mind is particularly awake and drowsy, then immediately get up and work until you feel a little tired, and then turn off the light and go to bed.

After falling asleep, if you wake up halfway, don’t open your eyes, turn over gently and go to sleep, don’t turn on the lamp and watch.


After going to bed, place your limbs in the position you think is most comfortable, half-close your eyes, breathe gently, relax your whole body muscles, or make yourself yawn gently, and then imagine a very quiet environment.You will slowly fall into dreamland.


When you get up at some point, even if you are awakened, you still feel drowsy at that time. You must get up immediately, even if you only slept for three or four hours that night.

Do some light manual labor or play at noon.

If you feel dizzy or tired in the afternoon, you can wash your face with warm water, but do not sleep.

  This self-regulating method works for any form of insomnia.

People with first-time insomnia can usually be corrected in about a week. People with long-term insomnia need longer treatment time, but as long as they persist in correction, they will find healthy sleep.

  Naked sleep method — Complete relaxation: When you sleep naked, the muscles can relax effectively, and alleviate diseases and pain caused by daytime stress.

People with shoulder, neck and back pain, menstrual pain may wish to try.Without the isolation of clothes, the skin has a transparent feeling, promotes metabolism, strengthens the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, and facilitates sebum excretion and regeneration.

Without the restraint of clothes, the body is naturally relaxed and the blood flow is smooth. It can improve the cold condition of some people’s hands and feet and help to enter deep sleep.

  Food adjustment method — eat well and sleep soundly: 1.

Sugar water: Sometimes restlessness is the cause of insomnia, which may be caused by insufficient serotonin in the brain. At this time, you can drink a cup of hot sugar water. The sugar water you drink will produce a large amount of serotonin, which will inhibit the excitement of the cerebral epithelium and help sleep.


Yam milk tincture: Boil yam, peach kernel, angelica in water, add milk, rock sugar, and safflower for a while.

Drink it half an hour before bedtime.


Apples, bananas: They are alkaline fruits that can improve muscle fatigue.


Anshen soup: Longan, wolfberry, lotus heart and so on have a soothing effect and have a certain effect on multiple dreams.