Beautiful Latin dance is healthy for you

Beautiful Latin dance is healthy for you

Latin dance is mainly performed on the shoulders, abdomen, waist and chest.

Participants include hundreds of muscles such as rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, erector spinae, and latissimus dorsi.

By dancing Latin, people can exercise muscles in all parts of the body, which is good for health and benefits.

  Strong heart: Latin dance can increase the heartbeat from 80 to 120 beats per minute or more, which can increase the strength and endurance of the heart.

  Strong Muscles: Frequent Latin dances can increase muscle elasticity and inherent strength.

  Live joints: Studies show that the best way to avoid early arthritis and treat joint discomfort is to use joints moderately, and Latin dance can be effectively exercised through all joints of the body such as neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, replacement.
  Spine protection: The spine that bends often in Latin dance can be corrected, and the disc herniation can be prevented and treated.

  Breath-promoting: Studies have shown that intense Latin dances can strengthen the lungs and increase oxygen uptake, which can prevent disease more effectively.

  Reduce belly fat: People’s abdomen is generally not easy to move, and Latin dance sharp pelvic shaking, twisting the crotch is the most effective way to deal with excess meat on the small belly, weight loss effect is significant.

  In addition, regular Latin dance can enhance self-confidence; when the spirit is in a state of depression or high tension, dancing a Latin dance can also make the body completely vented and relaxed.