Don’t trust Doman Flash

Don’t trust Doman Flash

Chinese businessmen or businessmen are very good at using the following elements to construct an industrial chain from scratch: add a theory of a white foreigner who looks very reliable, his title should be PhD; do not mention or delete the shieldThese backgrounds: in the country where the white man is located, his theory is controversial, or unknown, or it is still being improved as practice; when it is dated, it is packed with a large number of words to pack the theory and goods into a nowhereWhat you see is what you get.

As long as you dare to think, you will get great products.

  Practice has proved that people here are foolish enough to come at a high speed.

  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t talk about Li Yihu Wanlin Zhang Wuben here, because the Chinese are too familiar with their routines, so it is easy to expose them.

The example we are talking about is: Doman Flash Card.

  Duman, a kind-looking white old man: Chinese businessmen will surely love him, and he is too appetizing for the Chinese.

  In the 1960s, Master Doman began to study the treatment of children with early brain injury. The “Doman teaching method” invented in the early days was mainly used to treat children with brain injury.

  There are only a few children with brain damage, so this teaching method was soon extended to healthy children.

In the 21st century, parents in mainland China are rushing to do so.

  The difference between Wikipedia and Baidu Encyclopedia. Take a look at English Wikipedia represented by Wikipedia and Chinese Wikipedia represented by Baidu Encyclopedia.

  Wiki English describes the “Human Potential Development Institute (IAHP)” (an educational organization for the purpose of profit) created by Master Doman. I am afraid that there are not many Chinese parents who can understand.Different viewpoints are the main points, so this higher level indicates that Master Doman’s IAHP mainly provides services for children with brain damage.

  And Baidu Encyclopedia ‘s compressed “Durman Flash Card”
completely avoids this fact. Looking at the entire compression, you will think that this development method is completely aimed at healthy children. Even the background introduction to Master Doman ‘s background is left with brain damageTrying to convince you that “Dr. Duman’s method is entirely based on the most natural physiological phenomenon of the human nervous system.

“This is the qualitative difference.

  Look back at how Wikipedia subsequently introduced the controversy over the Duman method in the scientific community. (As a Wiki, if you do n’t (dare / wish) introduce the controversy and do n’t show it and discourage it, what is your “encyclopedia”), DumanThe method has the following breakthroughs: Its theoretical basis, “Regeneralization Theory,” has been abandoned by the natural sciences.

There is no evidence that young children’s passive movements, such as forced crawling, can affect neural tissue.

When a child’s conscious voluntary action is prevented by the IAHP (based on its theory) from doing so, it may harm the child.

The only scientific paper published by Master Doman contains a lot of method errors (method errors) and exaggerated descriptions.

His study did not have an expected experimental design (control group), so comparisons could not be made.

When other independent third-party scientists tried to compare these results with children who had not been treated with IAHP, the results were extremely mediocre (solo).

In short, a comparative test proved that the results of Master Doman’s clinical trials were ineffective.

It is very cruel for participants to pin their hopes on a tutorial that is impossible to carry this hopes.

  An assistant professor at Yale University summarized the Doman method as: “The Doman model technology is based on a bankrupt, completely abandoned theory, but at the same time it causes the test to fail under conditions.

.This process wastes parents’ time, energy, feelings and money.

“As early as 1968, the American Academy of Pediatrics questioned the IAHP’s treatment procedures for children with brain injury, and then re-inquired about the treatment procedures in 1999, 2002, and 2005:”.

.This treatment procedure is based on simplified and outdated theory of brain development. All current information does not prove the effectiveness of this treatment. There is no guarantee that this method will be used.

.The demands and expectations put forward by this method for the family are too high. To a certain extent, the financial and material resources of the family are consumed, and at the same time, the relationship between parents and children and the relationship between brothers and sisters are strained.

Shem is such a Duman method based on outdated and abandoned theory. In China, in the 21st century, Chinese businessmen carried it forward and turned it into an extremely profitable business: a set of Duman flashcards.(It’s a dozen cards with various dots printed on it, shaking in front of the baby every day (that is, “flash”, please note that you shake manually, it does not involve any high-tech), it is known how the baby will be great after flashing)It sells 900 yuan, which is called inch card gold. A set of white paper and a marker pen (meaning you can draw a Duman flash card on the card yourself), known as “Duman DIY”, sells 28 yuan.
  Any science and engineering student can grind unreliable things. This is such a thing. It sells quite well on Taobao, and countless people discuss its efficacy on various online forums.

Its bizarre and ridiculous chasing chicken blood shake hands therapy mung bean god.

  Popular and CCTV merchants have established a Chinese Doman website for Doman, boasting that Doman method is the most popular early education method in the world and a method jointly promoted by CCTV and the website.

  Control Book Review Master Duman’s “How Smart Is Your Baby?”

》 Books have been published in China.

Some netizens said: “But when I looked through the hundreds of book reviews on the online bookstore, I was really angry!

I am an editor of publishing experts, and I have a good understanding of book promotion and marketing methods. More than 90% (or even more) of the hundreds of book reviews on Dangdang Online are almost certainly the results of the publisher’s online marketing strategy.Anyone with independent insight and judgment can grind it-there is no book, only praise, and no regrets (even a little objective evaluation)!

And driven by market interests, the book’s online marketing methods (posted by a dedicated team on major websites and forums to attract the attention of target readers) were thoroughly done, and even reached the small cities in the provinces and cities.Parenting Forum.

Gailou reply As long as the Chinese mother questioned the Duman flash card or the Duman method in various forums, there will be a vest (id without an avatar).Keep going.
  Businessmen do social marketing very pragmatically. Unfortunately, the theories and products they sell are not only useless, they also delay the growth of children.

  In this way, an outdated theory and method that has been used by countless experts and learned to correct breakdown, uselessness, and boringness, because it meets the following four elements: the theory created by a good old white man;There is not much data to discuss, it is easy to be merged by business propaganda and soft text; it takes time to verify the results, so ample sales time is left for the merchants; the most expensive children in China are involved, so as long as you promise a focus, even if you openThere are also a large number of parents willing to pay.
  Become a good business.

  It ‘s just that the poor people in mainland China have become Hu Wanlin and Li Zhangwu ‘s horse racecourse.