Prescribe an exercise prescription for sub-health people

Prescribe an exercise prescription for sub-health people

People who are suffering from illness and pain should of course go to the hospital for a doctor’s treatment. However, there are more people who do not go to the hospital whenever they are tired from work, have a lot of housework, and have too much mental stress.Doctors, even if they find a doctor, they may not be able to diagnose the “condition” effectively.

Well, sub-healthy people often use more traditional and passive methods to adjust their physiological balance and maintain their health level, such as covering their heads to sleep, strengthening nutrition, eating supplements, supplements, and recharging the body.

  Since there are quantified physical fitness standards, we have assessed the physical condition and have a basis for diagnosing sub-health status.

It seems not enough to adjust the sub-health status as soon as possible, only to receive physical recharge, nutritional supplements and other means. Physical fitness measurements should be performed to understand their physical fitness status and carry out targeted physical exercise.

This effect is better than other traditional methods, and the regulating effect is more obvious.

Scientific and reasonable exercise is the key to many sub-healthy people to adjust their state, restore fatigue, refresh their spirits, and get out of sub-healthy state.

Therefore, sub-healthy people also need exercise prescriptions.

  In fact, exercise prescriptions are issued according to the different circumstances of each person after physical fitness determination, such as age, gender, physical condition, psychological characteristics, hobbies, physical conditions, health levels, etc., and specific requirements are made on the prescription.The corresponding exercise items and methods, exercise intensity, exercise time and frequency, and precautions are also as specific as the prescription given by the doctor to the patient, which is convenient for the bodybuilder’s self-operation.