Baby borrowing milk to take care to change taste

Baby “borrowing milk” to take care to change taste

It’s a joy to be a mother for the first time, but it also brings a lot of chaos to the novice mother.
Take breastfeeding, for example.
Everyone knows that breast milk is the best baby food, but some mothers do have very little breast milk, or ca n’t breastfeed their children for other reasons, such as taking medication. If you let your child accept the milk of other mothers, are there any taboos and should you pay attention toWhat’s the problem?
  The new mother has insufficient milk. My friends are willing to help. Netizens “what is my ID” recently posted a post on a local forum in Hangzhou for help.
  She was promoted to motherhood in early August.
The post said that since the baby was born for one month, her milk has been very low, and she had to use a combination of breast milk and milk powder to feed her.
Some time ago, the baby had diarrhea, suspected to be a problem with milk powder.
It happened that the new mother who had a child with her in the same ward on the same day said that she had a lot of milk, and her baby couldn’t finish it, so he kindly suggested “I’ll help you feed your son”.
  ”What’s my ID” thinks this method is pretty good, and knows that this friend’s health is quite healthy, so he agrees.
  Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law tried to oppose it after she knew it, worried that her milk would not be clean, and she was afraid that her baby would eat something.
  This post has aroused the attention of many netizens. Regarding the question of whether people can substitute milk, more than half of netizens think that “when health and sanitation are in good condition, they don’t mind at all”, and some netizens think that “feels weird”有少数网友提出了“可能影响和孩子亲密感的培养”……  医生态度  不提倡也不反对  那么,这种做法是否可行呢?Is there any taboo for the child’s health?
We consulted experts in obstetrics and gynecology.
  Zhang Ye, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Xiasha Dongfang Hospital, said: “We have encountered many cases in the ward.
In principle, there are no major problems, and we do not oppose or advocate.
After all, breast milk has better nutritional content than formula.
And breast milk is sweeter than milk, with about 10% sugar and only 3% milk.
“” Before entering the hospital, the mother usually had a detailed physical examination.
If you do n’t have enough milk and the mothers in the same ward are willing to provide your own milk, then you only need to look at the indicators of her physical examination to make sure that she is not infected with viruses or bacteria, and that she has not been disabled during breastfeeding.Medication is fine.
After all, the nutritional value of breast milk is similar.
“” But you need to pay attention to the fact that each person’s breast milk tastes different. If the child has been eating other people’s breast milk for a long time, he will get used to a taste, and it may be difficult to change back to his own breast milk.
Because the taste will not adapt.
At the same time, if you need other people’s breast milk as a supplement due to the objective reasons of your body, you should also pay more attention to the children, touch them, hug them, and kiss them.
“Feeding is an important contact in the cultivation of a close relationship between a baby and a mother.
Studies have shown that children who have a cesarean section are more likely to have infant autism than children who give birth naturally, and are also more distant from people. This is related to the fact that they are not squeezed by the birth canal during childbirth.
“Less milk may be temporary. Do n’t give up effort easily. At the same time, doctors also advise new mothers who do n’t have enough milk to give up effort easily.
  Because the recovery period of a cesarean mother is relatively long, it usually takes about three months to recover. The first three months may have less milk. After three months, the breast milk will also increase. Mothers must have confidence.Insist on breastfeeding.
The amount of milk is related to factors such as physical fitness, genetics, nutritional status, and mentality. Therefore, in addition to eating more high-protein, soup-rich foods, it is also important for new mothers to maintain a good spirit and rest well.
  Zhang Pingqing, chief physician of Gynecology Department of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has rich clinical experience in conditioning traditional Chinese medicine and prolactin for new mothers. She has recommended some recipes for diet therapy.
  ”The diet therapy is mainly supplemented with some soup-rich, collagen-rich foods, such as pork trotter stew. If conditions permit, go to the Chinese medicine shop to grab some grass, and stew with the trotters. The effect of breast milk will be better.
There are also popular folk food therapies such as catfish soup, sweet wine brewing, and red date soup, which have been proven to be effective.
“For those new mothers who are ineffective in food therapy and need to be conditioned by traditional Chinese medicine to pass through breast milk, Director Zhang has a prescription for” Siwu Tang “based on different constitutions. New mothers in need can find a Chinese medicine to take the pulse and take it symptomatically.
  ”‘Siwu Decoction’ is a traditional Chinese medicine formula for nourishing blood, nourishing blood, and promoting blood circulation. It consists of Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, Shaoyao, and Shudi.
We will make adjustments according to different situations. For example, some people have inflammation of the mammary glands, we need to add dandelion, prunella and other heat-reducing and detoxifying ingredients to reduce inflammation, and some people with insufficient blood should add astragalus.Blood vine.