[Causes of Vulvar Malnutrition]_Vulvar Malnutrition_Causes_Causes

[Causes of Vulvar Malnutrition]_Vulvar Malnutrition_Causes_Causes

Women’s health issues have always been worthy of attention. After the women’s menarche has come, they have gradually entered adulthood.

Whether it is the maintenance of the uterus or the vulva, it is worth acknowledging. When vulvar malnutrition may be caused by underwear irritation or genetic factors, and certain gynecological diseases, what are the reasons for vulvar malnutrition?

1. Genetic factors 10% of patients with vulvar white spot disease?
30% are due to heredity.

The hereditary vulvar white spot disease is mainly atrophic, and the patients are mainly young girls.

Patients under 15 years of age should first pay attention to genetic factors in clinical practice, and check whether there are patients with vulvar leukoplakia in their parents’ families.

2, genital infection and inflammation stimulation This is the primary cause of vulvar leukoplakia, about 50% of patients with sudden onset.

Vaginal inflammation is not treated in time, and inflammatory secretions will infiltrate the perineum.

If this is done for a long time, the skin and mucous membranes will be damaged, redness, swelling, ulcers and degeneration will occur, which will gradually develop into vulvar white spots.

3, other diseases such as diabetes, vitiligo, vulvar eczema and other patients using drugs inadvertently, improper treatment may also cause or aggravate the formation and development of white spot disease.

4. There are many reasons that cause vulvar itching, such as: external stimuli, contraceptives, tight underwear, secretion stimulation, gonorrhea, non-lymphitis, fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, dermatitis, etc.For your downgrade, it is recommended to do relevant inspections in time to identify the cause of vulvar itching and then take timely targeted treatment measures.