How to prevent pale edema of nasal mucosa?

How to prevent pale edema of nasal mucosa?

The nose is the entrance to the human respiratory tract. It has a multifunctional regulator that purifies, regulates temperature, and moistens the inhaled air.

As soon as a person’s resistance decreases or he is exposed to the wind, pathogenic bacteria gathered in the nasal cavity will make waves and cause deformation of the nasal mucosa.

If bacteria enter the throat, trachea, or lungs through the nasal cavity, they can cause laryngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Therefore, we must protect the nose and understand the nose’s health knowledge and methods, especially in winter and spring when respiratory diseases are prone to occur.

  When washing your face in the morning, rub the nose and lips, the skin on the sides of the nose wings and the surrounding area with a towel to make it slightly reddish and hot.

You can also use your thumb and forefinger to clamp the root of your nose and pull it several times from top to bottom.

You can also use your thumb and index finger to reach the vestibule of the nasal cavity and clamp the nasal septal ribs; gently tilt forward.

These mechanical stimulation massages can congest blood vessels around the nose, improve blood circulation, strengthen nutrition, maintain normal temperature, make it adapt to the outside temperature as soon as possible, and improve the nose’s cold resistance.

  Eliminate the habit of digging noses by hand.

Normally blow your nose, snoring one by one, and do n’t pull the air too hard, so as not to press the nasal secretions into the nasal secretory sinus, nasopharynx, sinus, middle ear cavity infection; Excessive air pressure will damage the noseThe mucosa ruptures the capillaries and causes nosebleeds.

  遇外界空气异常干燥,要多喝水,勤漱口,提高鼻咽腔,鼻腔的相对湿度,有条件的可吃‘点水果如桔于、苹果、梨、甘蔗等;也可用杯盛热开水Inhale steam to improve humidity and blood flow in the nasal cavity and strengthen nasal function.

Foreign countries believe that this method can cure the flu. It is called “nasal cavity heater”, and the advocate is Dr. Lauf, the French Nobel Laureate of the Paris Institute.

He observed heating to 42 degrees Celsius.

8 degrees of steam into the nasal cavity can kill the flu virus.

Because the influenza virus cannot continue to survive at this temperature, the infected cells also die, and the lysosomes released by the dead group cells will become the influenza virus and be completely killed.

The specific method is that the patient can kill all influenza viruses twice a day, every half an hour, and two hours apart.

Give it a try.

  In addition, usually strengthen exercise, mainly to exercise the ability of the nasal mucosa to adapt to transients and respiratory resistance, such as: wash your face with cold water in the morning and evening, wipe your body, do gymnastics in the morning, often go to breathe fresh air, jog, walk, etc.