Should gay diagnosis be cancelled?

Should gay diagnosis be cancelled?

Since the 1970s, there have been three breakthroughs in the understanding of homosexuality in the international community: (1) homosexuality exists in all aspects of life and in all societies, and they integrate into the society like heterosexuals and live a meaningful life; (2) scientific researchThe evidence indicates that homosexuality is not a pathological entity; (3) Sexual orientation is a facet of the diversity of normal human beings and has different social attitudes in different cultures, indicating that this behavior can be considered normal or acceptable.

Based on the advancement of homosexuality, the American Psychiatric Association deletes homosexuality as a mental illness from the 3rd and 4th editions of the DSM, highlighting that homosexuality is not a mental illness and does not require treatment.Causes homosexuals to worry, sorrow and even lead to suicide; the idea that homosexuality can be corrected as heterosexual is another form of discrimination. On the surface it is tolerant of homosexuality, but homosexuality is still regarded as a morbidity that requires correction.

In 1992, in the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), the World Health Organization also removed homosexuality from sexual disorders.

  In China, the second edition of the Chinese Classification Scheme and Diagnostic Standards for Mental Illness (CCMD-II-R), homosexuality is still considered as a type of sexual abnormality.

In May 1998, a survey of psychotherapists revealed that 73.

9% think homosexuality has nothing to do with morality; 51.

4% of people think that homosexuality is not a mental illness, it should be deleted in CCMD-Ⅱ-R, and discrimination against homosexuality should be eliminated.

The domestic “Mental Health Newsletter” (Zhejiang) discussed the issue of whether homosexual diagnosis should be cancelled for 7 consecutive periods from August 1997 to February 1998, and published about 20 articles.

The editorial department of the publication published an article at the end of the discussion, stating: “This discussion has aroused strong repercussions both at home and abroad. The impact is so great that the number of contributions is greatly out of our expectation.”

The representative of Shanghai Jia Yicheng, who opposes the cancellation of homosexuality diagnosis, believes that: (1) homosexuality brings spiritual pollution, endangers the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, prevents weathering, and induces degradation; its essence is basically the same as that of adultery; (2) homosexualityDestroys the happiness of family life and causes the suffering of spouses and other family members; (3) Homosexuality is one of the ways to spread STDs and AIDS, so people of insight in the United States call “AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuality”; (4) From statisticsFrom an angle of view, less than 5% can be regarded as abnormal.

There are very few homosexuals in China, and it is reasonable and legal to include homosexuality in sexual perversions (Mental Health Bulletin, August 1, 1997).

  The series pointed out that some psychiatrists’ reasons for correcting “homosexuality is a mental illness, psychological disorder and sexual behavior disorder” are untenable: (1) “a few are morbid”: right heart position, left-handedness, AB blood type, etc.It is a minority, but it is not considered a morbidity that needs to be corrected; (2) “Contrary to the purpose of human reproduction”: Heterosexual behavior will cause reproduction, but the main pursuit of heterosexuals from love to marriage and at the same time for reproductionIs sexual pleasure; (3) homosexual sexual psychology and sexual behavior are not “standard”: there is no absolute standard model for heterosexual sexual psychology and sexual behavior; (4) there are “abnormal” other aspects of homosexual psychological activity: researchIt shows that there is no difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality in other aspects of mental health. The “abnormality” of homosexuality is often caused by social intolerance. If homosexuals can accept their sexual orientation, there will be no more stress and pain; (5) Homosexuality is “unethical” behavior: There are also many unethical sexual acts in heterosexuality, such as prostitution6, extramarital sex, etc .; (6)The diagnosis of homosexuality is “Chinese characteristics”: Chinese historical documents referring to homosexuality as “abnormal”, the medicalization of homosexuality, for cell disease diagnosis first foreigners instead of Chinese people.

If the diagnosis of homosexual disease is retained, it only shows that our knowledge of homosexuality remains at the level of decades ago abroad (Mental Health Newsletter, October 1, 1997).

Zhang Beichuan pointed out: “Controversy” is a pseudo-science and popular in the 1980s. Its originators were the ultra-conservative forces of the American far-rights and churches.

In conclusion, the “controversy” has declined in the early 1990s and has been rejected by the AIDS community in the revolution.

Although scientists were originally discovered among homosexuals, scientific research confirms that as early as 50?
It was popular among heterosexual people in Africa in the 1960s.

From a worldwide perspective, currently 75?
80% of people living with HIV are heterosexuals who are infected by heterosexual behavior.

From the 1950s to the mid-1960s, due to the combination of cultural despotism and asceticism, the overall level of homosexuality was even lower than that of the famous sociologist Pan Guangdan in the early 1940s.Ancient homosexual imitation level.

Moralize homosexuality and pay attention to related issues into scientific forbidden areas; treating homosexuals as a spiritual pollution that undermines social stability and unity, and clearly politicizes academic issues.

Therefore, it is appropriate to reiterate the affirmative view of the discussion of the standard of truth in 1978: “Science has no limits.

Where there is a ‘forbidden area’ that transcends practice and claims to be absolute, there is no science “(Mental Health Bulletin, February 1, 1998).

  In April 2001, the “Chinese Mental Disorder Classification Scheme and Diagnostic Standards (Third Edition)” (CCMD-3) adopted by the Chinese Psychiatric Association no longer generalizes homosexuality as “mental disorders” (or “psychological disorders””)”, “Sexual metamorphosis”), is only found to be a mental disorder when an individual’s identity or maladjustment to his or her own sexual orientation.

Although this diagnostic criterion still has “margin”, it is after all a phased result of homosexuality gaining “identity” and rights.