TCM Name: Supplementing Shape with Shape

TCM Name: Supplementing Shape with Shape

Introduction: In the traditional Chinese diet, there has been a way of keeping fit in shape since ancient times.

Some fruits and vegetables we eat in our daily life look very similar to some organs of our body from a certain perspective, and more amazingly, these foods are just excellent choices for supplementing the corresponding organs.

This is what we often say, “What you eat and what you make up for”.

Carrots are like eyes. Carrots that are brighter and cut open are like human eyes, with pupils, irises, and radial lines.

Scientific research shows that a large amount of carotene can promote human blood flow to the eyes, protect eyesight, and make eyes brighter.

Walnuts are like brains. The mind is more bright. Walnuts are like a miniature brain. There are left half brain, right half brain, upper brain and lower cerebellum, and even its folds or folds are like the cerebral cortex.

Humans already know that walnut contains more than 36 kinds of neurotransmitters, which can help develop brain function.

Celery, like bones, has stronger bones. Many root vegetables such as celery look like human bones, and they really strengthen bones.

Human bones contain 23% sodium, and these foods also contain 23% sodium. Eating celery often has a bone-building effect.

Avocados look like uterus. Women eat healthier avocados (also known as avocados) look like uterus. Studies show that women eating one avocado every week can balance estrogen, reduce excess weight from childbirth, and protectWomen’s uterus and cervix are healthy and prevent cervical cancer.

Even more amazing is that the growth period of avocado from flowering to maturity is exactly 9 months.

Clam statue retina pill males eat more “sex blessings” clams are rich in nucleic acids and are irreplaceable substances in the production of genetic factors and sperm. Frequent eating clams can enhance male sexual function and make couples’ lives more “sexual blessings”.

Grapefruits like breast cancer women eat more anti-mastopathy grapefruit and other citrus fruits look like breasts. The antioxidant content of oranges is the highest among all fruits and contains 170 different phytochemicals.

Do not throw orange tangerine when eating, it can relieve the symptoms of breast hyperplasia.

Tomatoes eat like a heart. Heart-protecting tomatoes have four chambers and are red, just like our heart.

Experiments have confirmed that tomatoes are full of lycopene, and patients with high cholesterol may wish to eat more if they want to reduce blood pressure and stroke risk.

Drinking red wine in the right amount like blood can make your face look shiny. Experiments have shown that red wine can promote blood circulation and soften blood vessels. Regular drinking red wine can make your face look rosy and shiny.

Ginger, like the stomach, often eats spicy ingredients that can nourish the stomach and stimulate the production of bile, which accelerates the digestion of the aunt.

In addition, the enzymes contained in ginger can make proteins smaller and smaller, make greasy food easier to digest, and have the effect of nourishing and strengthening the stomach.

Sweet potatoes should be eaten by people with diabetes. Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) look like scales. In fact, it can balance the glycemic index of diabetic patients. Nutrition experts recommend that people with diabetes often eat sweet potatoes instead of some staple foods.