[Can I eat fir tree fungus in early pregnancy]_Efficacy_Effect

[Can I eat fir tree fungus in early pregnancy]_Efficacy_Effect

Mushrooms and mushrooms are relatively common ingredients in life. Most people like them very much, because this kind of ingredients is only delicious and has high nutritional value, so it is a variety of elements needed by the human body.

However, some fungi contain natural toxins, which will cause harm to the body after eating, and some people with special constitutions are not suitable for eating fungi.

Let ‘s take a look at the early stages of pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, you can eat fir tree fungus, which is a fungus that grows in the subtropics. The fir tree fungus is the name of this mushroom because it is mostly grown in a folk forest called fir tree and scientific name is pine forest.

Some materials are also called Matsutake.

Summer and Autumn Festival June-September is a solitary or group living on the ground in a Pinus massoniana forest. It is orange in summer and brown in autumn.

The nutritional value of Cunninghamia lanceolata is 2-5cm long and 0 thick.

7-2cm, close up and tapering toward the base, sometimes with dark orange dimples, with the same color as the microbes, with shallow fissures, green after injury, soft inside, and then hollow, the stalk cut surface turns orange-red, then dark red.

Relevant information records that fir tree fungus is a precious powder with high nutritional value. The crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, various amino acids, unsaturated molecular weight, nucleic acid derivatives, and vitamin B1, B2 are replaced.Vitamin C, vitamin PP and other elements are almost delicious and delicious, but also have medicinal value, can strengthen the body, benefit the stomach, analgesic, qi and phlegm, deworming and treatment of diabetes, anti-cancer and other special effects, it is an ideal health food for the elderly.
Chongyang fungus is a kind of pure and rare and rare edible fungus.

According to locals, Chongyang mushroom has the thickest meat collected from mid to early October. It has a sharp texture and a special aroma, which is extremely smooth and refreshing.

It is a veritable mountain treasure.

In Guizhou Tongren pine peach and other places, fir tree fungus is also produced.

After harvesting tung tree oil and camellia in the fall, the villagers went into the mountain forest to pick some fir tree fungi.

Stir fry or cook noodles, the taste is fresh and delicious.

It is a rare seasonal mountain.