It is easy to get acne in winter

Pox is easy to get acne in winter

Clicking on the purchase of acne is a harder task for many people, just because they have not found the right way. Today we will take a look at how to get acne is the most effective. I hope for everyonehelpful.

  Acne must be divided into areas 1, forehead acne: everyone knows that the body has an automatic temperature adjustment mechanism. If you have acne on your forehead, it is because your heart is overheating. At this time, you should avoid eating cold or excessive high contrast temperature foods.Helps reduce the heat in the body.

Stress is also another killer that can cause excessive heart. If you can, you should keep your work and rest normal and have sleep so that the stress in the body can be balanced!

  2. Nose pox: Digestive function is weakened. The nose is related to the stomach and the heart. The most common cause of acne in this area is the weakened digestive function.

Therefore, avoid overeating, eating midnight, too spicy and salty, high feces and other foods, as well as coffee and carbonated drinks.

The nose is also more prone to oil than other parts, accumulating waste and dust, so in addition to daily cleaning, you must exfoliate the nose regularly to prevent pores from separating!

  3, Acne on the left cheek: Liver function often stays up late, and people who drink alcohol will easily grow on the left cheek. This is the warning that liver function is attenuated!

Therefore, you must quickly get more sleep, drink less alcohol, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables can strengthen liver function!

  4, right cheek acne: weak lung function If you have acne on the right cheek, it is a signal that the lung function is weakened.

Lung function is the energy to metabolize toxins in the body, so at this time, in addition to the maintenance of the respiratory tract, you should also drink plenty of water, intake of high-fiber vegetables to help detoxification, acne will disappear.

  How to prevent winter acne1, wash your face with key details ① Wash your hands before washing your face, choose a cleansing cream for acne, and rub out the delicate foam in the palm of your hand.

  ② Gently wash your face with excessive circular motions from the inside, so as not to irritate the skin, and pay attention to the skin at the hair bun to wash and rinse.

The number of face washing in summer can be moderately increased, but not more than four times a day.

  ③ Put the firming water in the refrigerator. The frozen firming water has the effects of astringent skin oil and shrinking pores.

But keep in mind that you can only use it after each cleansing. Do not use it when the skin is not completely cleaned. It will tighten the pores and remove the dirt inside the hair follicle.

  2. Pay attention to the method of rubbing cosmetics. ① As soon as rubbing the toner, the skin is in the most fragile state. Immediately use the special lotion for acne skin.

Even in the hot summer, acne skin needs a moderate moisturization of refreshing skin care products to maintain water and oil balance.

  ② Apply body lotion in different areas.

When applying body lotion, bypass the acne growing area, and finally apply conditioning lotion on the acne.

  Although it is easy to get acne in winter, it is not an inevitable thing. As long as you do daily care, you can reduce the probability of acne.

If everyone has acne, targeted recovery is the most effective.